Messenger G-AIEK which has been masquerading as Monty's RG333 for several years is being sold by Paul Beaver. According to G-INFO the CofA expired in 2014. Paul can be contacted via


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Miles M.52 - Britain's Top Secret Supersonic Research Aircraft

by Tony Buttler. Published by Crecy

                                      Commissioned by Peter Amos, and with the assistance of                                             Professor Brian Brinkworth, this is the true story of the M.52.                                       Utilising TMAC's accumulated researches and presented in a                                         readable format with more technical information than                                                   hitherto published.

                                      Retail price £24.95, available on Amazon for £14.80 + p&p

Miles Messenger being sold by Swedish Museum

1947 Messenger 2A c/n 6703 SE-BYY, ex-G-AKAO has been advertised for sale on the website for only €20,000.00 or c.£14,000.00

Currently painted in quasi-RAF colours, it hasn't flown for many years (CofA expired in 1970 and wings were unsympathetically removed to fit into the museum we believe) and would probably be a seriously expensive restoration project.


Photo courtesy of John Allan

Founded on 29 March 1993 – the sixtieth anniversary of

the first flight of the Miles M2 Hawk

The Miles Aircraft Collection exists to preserve the memory of:

Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd and Miles Aircraft Ltd.

It achieves this goal by:

  • Actively encouraging world-wide preservation and restoration of representative examples of aircraft built by the companies.

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  • Assisting Miles aircraft owners, would-be owners, restorers or replica builders with historical data, technical advice and spares wherever possible.

  • To offer Miles aircraft and components on long term loans for restorations or display with appropriate aviation collections and museums.

  • To support all relevant aspects of the Museum of Berkshire Aviation at Woodley.

  • To operate a world-wide network to exchange information with Miles aircraft enthusiasts and owners.

  • To coordinate occasional public appearances of airworthy Miles aircraft.

Membership is open to anyone genuinely interested in

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Miles Gemini LN-TAH (ex G-AKKA) is being rebuilt for static display in Norway, the message below was sent to Peter Amos via this website on 6 January 2017:

Dear Sir, In cooperation with AVINOR (Norwegian Aviation Authority) and local region museum at Kjevik airport, Kristiansand, Norway we are a group of aviation enthusiasts planning to restore Miles Gemini M.65, G-AKKA, later LN-TAH, c/n 6528 to static condition. The aircraft has been dismantled and stored in Norway for the last 30 years. The main restoration challenge is the fact that the wing has been cut on each side of the fuselage. We are now collecting drawings, manuals and other documentation necessary for the restoration work. We are hoping that you may be able to point us a direction of sources for such documentation and also for possible spares that would be required. The main interest would of course be drawings covering the main wing and its mounting to the fuselage. The aircraft will be mounted hanging from a terminal roof and only be restored to an external representative condition. Internal cleaning av preservation will be done but without further restoration. Engines will not be installed to save weight, but cowlings & propellers will be installed. We are looking forward to hearing from you on this exciting project. Yours Sincerely Frithjof Ruud

Peter has responded offering technical help with the the Gemini Service and Repair Manual and we will be kept updated with progress. It looks like they have their work cut-out by the photos below!

The launch of Miles Aircraft - The Post-War Years 1945 to 1948 at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley on Saturday 23 July 2016 with visiting aircraft at White Waltham. 'A fantastic day' according to author Peter Amos where the centre of attention was not just the aircraft at White Waltham but the superb ex-F.G. Miles 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II together with owner Dave Lyons which attended both locations. The hoped for opportunity of photographing the car with an appropriate Miles aircraft to recreate the c.1937 publicity photos of it with Monarch G-AFCR was achieved thanks to Peter Bishop's lovely Whitney Straight. Sincere thanks to all those who helped make it such a memorable occasion.

Our intention for this website is to increase awareness and appreciation of the aircraft designed by F.G. Miles  and his younger brother George and their impressive contribution to British aviation history.

Details of the aircraft produced, photo galleries, famous owners and pilots, published reference works, ephemera, scale models, artwork and much more will be added in due course.

If this fascinates you too and you would like to actively participate in preserving a unique range of British light aircraft, please contact the Hon. Gen. Secretary at:

The pages illustrate samples of the type of content we will have.

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Peter Amos is planning a 25 years of The Miles Aircraft Collection celebration. Date to be confirmed. Members will be notified by email.

From Air Britain website:

Go to our Miles in Miniature page for details of a superb new kit of the Miles Aerovan