​Thanks to Peter Amos' new friend 'Derek' who belongs to SCRAN (an organisation which gives him access to the world's newspapers and just about every word that was ever written in aviation magazines (!)), he eventually identified the mystery Magister from a photo in May 1977's Air Pictorial.

It is G-AHUJ, which had just undergone a major overhaul at Strathallan.

​Recently sold to Francesco Baldanza and restored to flying condition it was seen in the four Maggie formation in 2015.

If you can identify either aircraft or location please contact Peter via the link on the Home Page, thank you.

This may be a red herring (no pun intended!).

This colour photograph appeared on ebay early in 2015 with no details other than it dates from 1976.

Could it be the same aircraft at the same location?

Mystery Magister.

Peter Amos has had this black & white photo for a number of years and, so far, has been unable to determine the identity of the aircraft or its location.

Can you help?

The small sign underneath reads: