A 1/72 scale model of the Woodley Thompson MkIII Refuelling Tender converted from a white metal copy of the pre-WW2 Skybirds MkII produced by Transport of Delight shown with a replica Dinky Toys Thompson MkIII finished as the extremely rare (very possibly unique) Thompson Brothers promotional version. More info from:-retrotoyspares@yahoo.co.uk

An anonymous US Trade Card

Not everything is worth collecting!

Found on ebay 2014

The Miles Aircraft Collection has a large archive of ephemera, examples of which are shown on this page.

A Thompson Brothers Refuelling Tender at 8 E&RFTS Woodley depicted on a Cigarette Card.

A Christmas Card issued by Phillips & Powis

The famous cutaway of the Miles M100 Student published in the Eagle comic 24 February 1956