To get things going we are pleased to be able to show the progress "The Aeroplane Collection" is making with the restoration of Messenger G-AHUI at Hooton Park

TAC – The Aeroplane Collection Hooton Park
Work is now progressing on the static restoration of Miles Messenger M38 series 2A G-AHUI.
The project is based on a composite with the cockpit section from G-AHUI , engine cowls from G-AHUI , outer wings from G-AHUI , fins / rudders from G-AJFF , forward part of the rear fuselage from G-AJFF , rear fuselage stringers from G-AHUI , rear fuselage from EI-AGB (G-AHFP)
TAC have a large store of Miles aircraft components and it is hoped that in time the Messenger and also a Gemini will be restored to static display standard.
The 2 outer fins and rudders of the Messenger have been restored / Port elevator has been restored and the starboard elevator is being worked on by members of TAC.  The parts that form the basis of the restoration are in quite a poor state.
At the start of the restoration TAC only had one undercarriage leg however another has now been sourced and both of these have been soda blasted and are awaiting final finishing.
It is anticipated that by the end of summer 2017 the complete tail plane will be assembled and work will start on the fuselage. The tail plane and fuselage can then be assembled while progress is started on the wings.                                                                                                                
With thanks to Ian Maddock for the information and photos

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